Instagram has become a giant hub, not only for individuals to interact and share stunning pictures but also for brands to take their marketing game to another level. With its visually-driven platform, Instagram has created a new paradigm where storytelling through images and mostly videos thrives and allures audiences worldwide.

This shift has not only changed how we connect but also how businesses connect with consumers. Influencer Marketing has been one of the most powerful marketing strategies businesses have used to communicate with their customers over the past decade.

At the heart of UAE, i.e. Dubai, Instagram influencers have taken this concept to new heights. From fashion to lifestyle, travel to food, Dubai's top influencers provide a glimpse into the luxurious and diverse lifestyle the city has to offer.

As we proceed further into the blog, we’ll discuss each concept in-depth starting from who are Instagram influencers in Dubai , and types of Instagram influencers to the listicles of the top Instagram influencers in the UAE. Let’s get into it one by one.

Who are Instagram influencers?

Instagram influencers are individuals with a dedicated following and certain influence who collaborate with brands to advocate their products and services on the platform. They blend the brand messaging and endorsements into their everyday content to create a seamless experience and authentic promotion that resonates with their audience.

These influencers utilize the platform’s features- such as photos, reels, stories, IGTV, and broadcast channels, to create content that engages and resonates with their audience. The platform’s visual nature and interactive features like likes, shares, comments, and saves make it an ideal space for influencers to showcase products and services in a way that feels natural and engaging.

Types of Instagram Influencers

  • Fashion Influencers: These influencers share content around fashion like the latest trends, outfit inspirations, and style tips on the platform.
  • Beauty Influencers:These influencers post content like makeup, skincare, and haircare, providing tutorials, reviews, and beauty tips to their followers.
  • Travel Influencers: These creators document their adventures around the world, showcasing destinations, travel tips, and experiences with hotels, airlines, and travel gear.
  • Food Influencers: Food influencers post content about recipes, restaurant reviews, food photography, and culinary experiences.
  • Finance Influencers: These influencers often share content related to personal finance, investing, budgeting, saving, and financial planning.
  • Lifestyle Influencers: Lifestyle creators cover a broad range of topics including daily life, personal experiences, home decor, and more, giving followers a glimpse of everything in their lives.
  • Fitness Influencers: These influencers share content on workout routines, fitness tips, and healthy lifestyle advice.
  • Tech Influencers: These influencers focus on gadgets, software, and technology reviews, providing insights and recommendations on the latest tech products.

These are the main types of influencers that we've covered, although many other smaller niches exist but these primary categories cover the most influential and widely followed content creators on Instagram.

Now, let’s get to the well researched list, created by the best influencer marketing agency in Dubai , of the top Instagram influencers in Dubai.

List of Top Instagram Influencers in Dubai, UAE

  • 1. Aliona


    Aliona is best known for posting content about her lavish lifestyle in the Middle East with her husband and son.

    About the Creator:

    Aliona is a famous UAE influencer known for her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content. She has garnered attention for her chic Instagram content. Her profile is a blend of high fashion, lifestyle, and travel, showcasing her impeccable taste and sophisticated aesthetic.

    Aliona’s content often features the latest trends, luxurious outfits, and collaborations with renowned fashion brands. Aliona has been featured in famous magazines like Cosmopolitan Middle East, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, and HIA.

  • 2. Asala


    Asala is a UAE-based influencer who has received the Global Achievement award at the MENA Content Creators Awards Event for her exceptional content.

    About the Creator:

    Asala is one of the popular fashion influencers in the UAE, known for her sophisticated style and engaging content on Instagram. Her Instagram revolves around her elegant fashion sense, family-oriented posts, and sometimes, even recipes.

    She often features high-end brands and provides her followers with style inspiration that blends modern trends with modest fashion elements. Asala also adds a creative flair to her content by posting makeup tutorials and Halloween makeup inspirations.

  • 3. Leen AbouShaar

    Leen AbouShaar

    Leen AbouShaar is a top influencer in the UAE as well as a journalist and presenter at MBC1.

    About the Creator:

    Leen AbouShaar is a well-renowned UAE-based journalist and fashion and lifestyle influencer. Her content features a mix of lifestyle and fashion posts, as well as family photos. In addition to all her sophisticated and elegant style and high-end designer pieces, her content also reflects her luxurious lifestyle in Dubai.

    She is also recognized for her engagement in social causes, such as her advocacy against bullying​. Leen AbouShaar has also won the Social Queen Content Creator Award at the MENA Content Creators Awards Event in 2022.

  • 4. Judie


    Julie is an Instagram influencer who is involved in all- travel, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more.

    About the Creator:

    Judie is a well-known Instagram influencer in the UAE. Her Instagram content has a wide range of lifestyle topics. She shares insights into her personal life, including travel experiences, beauty routines, and fashion moments.

    Her travel posts include exotic destinations and luxurious experiences which offer both inspiration and practical tips for their own travels. And let me just tell you, her transition videos are top-notch, so smooth and seamless. Her audience adores it.

  • 5. Rozzah


    Rozzah’s combination of fashion and beauty content always keeps her followers engaged and inspired​.

    About the Creator:

    Rozzah posts a variety of engaging fashion content on her Instagram. Her posts often showcase trendy outfits, featuring a mix of high-end and accessible brands. She regularly posts Get Ready With Me videos to show a glimpse into her daily fashion choices like glamorous evening looks​.

    In addition to her fashion content, Rozzah also shares beauty tips and makeup tutorials for style enthusiasts. Rozzah also hops on to the latest trends on Instagram like the most recent one being The Ashoka trend.

  • 6. Saba


    Saba is an Instagram personality in the UAE who has won the Golden Award for Rising Content Creators at the MENA Content Creators Awards Event for her diverse posts.

    About the Creator:

    Saba Shama is a prominent social media personality known for her diverse content on Instagram. Her content is a blend of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and personal content. Her fashion posts often feature stylish outfits, sometimes in collaboration with well-known brands.

    Apart from fashion, Saba's content spans beauty tips, lifestyle advice, and food reviews. She enjoys cooking and shares her culinary skills with her audiences online. In addition to all that, she also posts lip-sync videos, dance routines, and comedy skits on her Instagram.

  • 7. Eya Fattouh

    Eya Fattouh

    Eya Fattouh is an influential figure in both social media as well as on television.

    About the Creator:

    Eya Fattouh is an overall content creator on Instagram because she shares stunning modeling photos, lifestyle images, and fashion tips. Her content also includes unboxing videos, makeup tutorials, and fashion vlogs that bring out her trendy style and bold looks.

    Eya's audiences love her lip-sync performances, dance routines, transitional videos, and comedic sketches. In addition to all that, Eya is also a famous TV personality and has been featured in many interviews online.

  • 8. Rawan & Rayan

    Rawan & Rayan

    Rawan and Rayan are a popular twin duo from the UAE best known for their fun and interesting content on Instagram.

    About the Creator:

    The twins Rawan & Rayan are involved in various genres of content from lifestyle and fashion to travel and beauty. Together, they upload vlogs, unboxing videos, cosmetic tutorials, super fun challenges, and life hacks​.

    What makes their content so fascinating is that they make it engaging and fun to work together. Some of the recent brands that they collaborated with together are Huawei, Hadia Ghaleb, HONOR, Cider, Ajmal Perfumes, Kerastase, and many more.

  • 9. Shahad Hassan

    Shahad Hassan

    Shahad Hassan masterfully blends traditional and modern aesthetics, particularly when it comes to beauty tips and fashion content that her audience adores.

    About the Creator:

    Shahad Hassan is a well-known social media influencer who shares a variety of content including beauty tips, lifestyle posts, glam fashion looks, and family content. She recently collaborated with SHEIN for their Ramadan collections and showed her ability to blend traditional and modern fashion.

    Shahad posts a variety of content but her best content is beauty tips and makeup tutorials which her audiences adore. Some of her most popular beauty videos are Products I loved the most in 2023, Complete makeup look with cheap products, GRWM videos, New way to put blusher, etc.

  • 10. Qamar Altaey

    Qamar Altaey

    Qamar Altaey is best known for her stunning outfits and aesthetic content that highlights her travels and lifestyle experiments.

    About the Creator:

    Qamar Altaey is one of the leading social media influencers known for her artistic and aesthetic approach to content creation on Instagram. Her feed is a blend of fashion, modeling, traveling, and lifestyle, featuring stunning pictures from her travels to places like Dubai, Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, etc.

    Qamar's unique style combines fashion with art which is most loved by her followers. She showcases her stunning dresses and outfits, featuring her flair for fashion and elegance. Her content often also includes travel vlogs, beauty tips, and lifestyle experiments such as working in a restaurant for a day.